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Newly downloaded apps that I love. s2

Presenting Weave, Craigslist, Path, Grid Lens.

Download redsnow – and in my case I’m coming from an iPhone 4 that hadn’t been jailbroken so I didn’t need to backup/restore at all.


Download it now – post about some of the most useful apps I’ve recently found is coming out soon!

Hey all, this is my brother’s website, please check it out!

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In order to jailbreak my iPhone, the only thing I had been using was PwnageTool but I just found out (pretty late on the iPhone news I guess) about BlackRa1n on Mac. It’s so simple.

1. Connect Your iPhone
2. Open Up BlackRa1n
3. Click “Jail Break”
4. Wait

~ click the Windows icon or Apple icon to download blackra1n. it works beautifully on my iPhone 3G.

Complete thorough look at Apple’s “Voice Memos” app available with the iPhone 3.0 OS update.

the Icon:
the Icon

the App:
voice memos app

Click on the silver button with 3 black horiz. bars to FLIP.

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