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iPhone Apps Not Working!

Posted on: August 17, 2008

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What is going on? My apps were working just fine until they just stopped suddenly working! What gives, Apple?

I’ve done a bit of research and testing on the ‘tubes and it seems that rhe only way to get them working is by downloading a new app or replacing an existing app. Don’t know why, but I just replaced “Tap Tap Revolution” and all my other apps started working.

You can delete an app by going to the home screen and holding your finger down on any app. All apps will start to shake and at that point, all you have to do is press on a black “X” icon next to every app you downloaded.

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165 Responses to "iPhone Apps Not Working!"

Another thing you can do is a hard reset which is different from turning off your iPhone (by holding down the sleep/wake button). You can do a hard reset by:
Holding down sleep/wake and the home buttons for about 10 seconds. Keep holding until you see the black background with the white Apple logo.

Thanks! That worked perfectly.

i tried what u reccommended and it didnt work!

Thank you, the hard reset worked perfectly!

Thank you, this worked.

thanks the reset worked perfectly. i had been deleting and updating an app for a week to try to rectify it and the reset was all i needed to do. thanks

Thanks a fckin’ lot dean … 🙂

Hard Reset didn’t work for me. I usually try that when anything goes wrong and it normally does the trick. But the deleting an app, and re-loading it worked!!! GENIUS!!!

Hard reset didn’t work for me either but deleting and reloading did.Thanks heaps

Thank you so much, hard reset worked for me. I also deleted one app and downloaded it again. I’m a happy bunny now. Dumbs up!!!!!

Meant to say thumbs up!!!!!

Additionally, updating any app seems to work too 🙂 Just go to App Store and update 1 app or all apps (but when updating all apps, do it manually one at a time because my experiences have been that this “update all” options crashes my iPhone).

This works! Thanks!

Yes! thanks so much!!

Nice!!! It worked for me by doing an update for one app.

Right on!

how do you update an app?

easier than a hard reset. it worked for me to

AMAZING! this worked!!! thanks!

THANK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!! My iPhone is my baby !!!! **Falls on knees and cries** 

wow this works!!! Thanks a lot

Right said… None of my applications(loaded ones) were working.. I loaded a new application and all started working.. Thanx Alot…

How to fix apps not working on iphone 3g: here is what I did to fix it: I went to app store on my iphone to update a 3rfd party app since they all wouldnt work and found that my friend’s email was stored for some reason. i plugged in my iphone to my computer and and in itunes I went to sign in. I used my correct sign in. then i synced up the iphone and they all work now

I had the same problem. I deleted and then reinstalled the same app and it fixed them all.

just did it and they now work fine

Tks for posting the solution, I had the same problem on my 3G. I simply downloaded a new free app, and everything is working now.

This is the 2nd time I have this issue. The first time it was because one app had to be updated, and when I updated it, the problem was solved, but this time there were no updates. I’ll try the hard boot next time as well, maybe that works too.

I had the exact same problem. One by one, my apps stopped working. I deleted Tap Tap revenge and re-downloaded it. All my apps work fine now. Tap Tap seems to be the problem.

same problem the hard boot didn’t work

thanks man! great advice on the dling a new app. everything works now. 🙂


FYI, I had the same problem and your advice worked! Well, I authorize my iPhone on two computers so the apps may have stopped working due to that. But, as you said, I simply deleted an app and re-synced my iPhone with that app back on. I went back to my iPhone and, presto, they all work again!

Thank you!!!

Just had the same problem after the 2.2.1 update – no 3rd party apps worked.

Hard reset didn’t fix it but your suggestion of deleting and re-installing one app (did wikipanion) appears to have fixed them all.

Thanks for the useful info.

Thanks soooooo much I deleted an app and reinstalled it and now they al work!!!!! Thanks soooooo much!!

Does anyone know or have advise on why my Craigsphone app doesnt let me POST. when i try, it opens a new page and tells me “we’re sorry but something went wrong. go back or try again.”

Had this problem twice in less than a week. I sync the phone with two computers (Macbook Pro & iMac24) and am wondering if this is the problem? I deleted and reinstalled facebook… worked fine and got everything else working. My Mobile Me push email however is no longer working. Phone settings all seem to be correct. Any ideas anyone?

Ive get the same problem from time to time but my app store thinks im in a different country atm !

Update apps

Thanks for posting this, the same just happened to my 3G. Downloaded a free App & back to normal. Cheers.

I had the same problem but it resolved after I downloaded a new app. (maybe because you need to put your password in to install it?)

thanks for the solution. installed a new app and everything went working again. appreciate the useful suggestions! 😀

I have the first gen iPhone unlcoked for tmobile and just started getting the same thing!! i just updated apps in the app store and works fine for me as well! No need to hassle with deleting and reinstalling unless updating doesn’t work first!

It works hurray

I had this problem like 3 days after i got my nw iphone 3g , was not impressed i thought perhalps i shall delete all of the apps i downloaded and re-install them again, it worked.

The Next day the apps weren’t working again , so today i updated one (when i was on the ap store on my iphone) and now they’re all working again.

P.s When i updated them on my computer this did not work.

What do I do if the App Store icon itself is not working. I am not able to do anything with the phone. I have it unlocked for Tmobile and at at ver 2.2.1. Everything was working just fine till today evening. 😦

YUP! updating application worked. whoo hoo

this worked thanks i was getting well annoyed at my phone

Thanks, deleting one app and reinstalling the same one made everything work again.

I updated, reset, synced and still, the finger piano, nor the facebook app are working. They begin to load, then stop. I deleted the finger app & now Apple wants me to pay again for it. I don’t think so.

A disgrace!

I didn’t buy an iPhone to spend hours fixing it. Thats what I paid Apple for in buyign the phone.

If your new car breaks down. Do your fix that as well?

After 2.2.1 upgrade none of my appstore apps are working
Triedreinstall and reset as well please help.the phone is 2g

Good job it worked!! I thought I had to ditch 3.0 upgrade..It wasnt the problem at all

Can’t believe this worked….I just spent an hour in line at the apple store and didnt get any help. I should of just googled it in the first place. I just deleted tap tap revolution and added another free app….my problem started when I updated all my apps……

Glad that I could help so many people!
I’m especially surprised that the OS 3.0 didn’t fix it, based on comment #30.

I tried reinstalling applications and resetting the IPhone and still nothing worked; i am in a different country now, can this be the reason why the applications are working.

i have the 3.0 OS.

Can anybody help

@Ayoub Try updating an application. Also, I don’t think applications wouldn’t launch just because you are in a different country.

Great advice! I have had this problem in the past and found that installing or updating an app will solve the problem. this time though i simply just syncd my phone and pc and all apps were worked again fine. Both times this has happened i noticed that i had several apps on my phone that were not syncd with my pc, dont know if that any reason for this to happen.


Yeah so.. I just bought the 3Gs and had the same issue, I am surprised that Apple is not doing anything or that they have not resolved this issue by now. Either way thank you Koldfyre, I re-installed the Weather Channel Application and everything is back to normal… but did give me a little scare.


Tried to remove apps and synch, install apps and synch, install new apps directly on Iphone, everything apple store apps failed. Apple screewed up the DRM again….

Another happy uninstall/reinstall! Thanks koldfyre.

Now if I could repair my iphone’s stress cracks as easily 😦 Getting a replacement tomorrow, what a ginormous bummer

This worked for me too when itunes wouldn’t sync my apps from my 3GS and then my apps wouldn’t work at all. Just re-installed one of the free apps and they all worked again.

Thanks much!

That didnt work for me!!!!
i deleted and updated it and also downloaded the apps again but it still doesnt work!!!!


then just throw it to me…


i did what koldfyre told me 2 do and it worked!!!……then it happened all over again 😦 help!!

Thanks for the hint!

And I think I know what the problem was.
I did not have any updates, so I just downloaded a free App, when I did, Apple required me to read a new “change of policy” statement.
I clicked agree, and all my Apps started working.

So if you don’t have any updates to do, find a free app to download, and agree to the policy.

Thanks it worked perfectly.

Thanks for the tip!

I deleted and reinstalled a free app and all other apps started working.

Thank you so much. This helped!~

thanks buddy
awsome trick

It worked… Thanks a lot…

i have tried deleting all and restarting and nothing works! whatelse can i do? been on the phone with tech support for 40 min

it worked for me thanks a million

i uninstalled and reinstalled and everything works!

Wow! Thanks so much! That worked like a charm!!! Thought I was gonna have to reset my iPhone which was not gonna be cool! Thanks again!

It worked for me. But interestingly I appeared to be logged out of iTunes. I had to log back in to download. So I wonder if that was the problem.

This happens on my phone quite often. 3 times in the last 4 months. I have reset the phone each time until this one. Can’t wait for the next time so I can test the log in theory.

This is completely unacceptable Windows-style BS – I’ve had this piece of crap for a week and had this app thing happen three times already…this is Apple Quality?

nothing has been working for me.
ive tried re installing tap tap. ive tried deauthorizing and authorizing my computer. hard reboot. installing free apps.

i just updated mine to 3.1 firmware. and it just stopped working after that. i restored my iphone too. practically done everything can someone help me please

i just deleted all my apps. downloaded facebook. and it still doesnt work this is really starting to annoy me

i dont know why this happened.. but thanks for the help. i just uninstalled one of my apps, and reinstalled it and now they all work.

Thanks for that. I was starting to get a bit worried!

Deleting and re-downloading Facebook Worked for me! Now all Apps work fine. Thank You!!

All apps downloaded from AppStore do not work all the other ones work any help thanks

Genius! I tried switching on and off, hard rebooting, no joy. I didn’t have any updates so downloaded an app and that sorted me out! Thank you!

Thx for the tip. I just deleted an app that I no longer used and the rest of my apps and all of my music began working again!

THANK YOU!!! This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time was after I did the last update for picture messages. I was worried I would have to download everything again. I just updated one app and they work again.

thanks ! that helped me !
it’s back up and working again! 🙂

Make sure iTunes recognizes the computer you’re using as “Authorized”. Click Store and then Authorize Computer if this problem happens, then sync your phone again. Everything worked for me after I did that.

This seems to work for me. I will look long term if it works for me.

Some of my third party apps stopped working suddenly. They would flash a screen for a fraction of a second and quit. Several apps were affected. I finally managed to get them to work again easily.
Check your app store to see if there are any pending updates. If there are, do them. This resurrected my apps even though the pending update was for some other app. It appears that a pending update on one app can block others.

Well done on that one… just download another app – brilliant! I was about to delete all my apps arrrgh!

This worked! Thanks!

It worked for me! thanks for the info!!!

Worked like a charm!

Deleted an app and re-loaded from the app store fixed all…wierd but thanks!!! btw i have a 16gb 3GS.

I found too that installing a randon free app got the rest to work.

Does anyone actually know if Apple are working on the problem as it has happened to me twice this week and it’s really annoying and looking through these posts it is not a new issue.

I always thought that Microsoft that had the monopoly on software bugs!!

Wow, thanks. you know how much money places like best buy would make off of us just to fix this simple glitch????

all i did was delete 1 app and reinstall it remember only (1) app off the app soter and they should all work then

Thnks! It worked! I have no idea how I got into that problem, but it occurred after I synched my iphone for the first time.

If the new app solution don’t work, then this is for you.

Deauthorize and reauthorize your computer
Before attempting these steps, transfer all iTunes Store and App Store content on the device to your computer. Then, use the following steps to deauthorize and reauthorize your computer:

Connect your device to a computer and open iTunes.
In iTunes, select your device in the left-hand column and then click the Applications tab. Verify that Sync Applications is checked.
Choose Store > Deauthorize Computer from the menu bar. Enter your iTunes Store account and password, and then click Deauthorize.
Click Sync in the lower-right to sync your device. When prompted, select Don’t Authorize. This will remove all applications and other iTunes Store content from the device.
Note: You may see this prompt more than once. Select Don’t Authorize each time.
When the sync is complete, choose Store > Authorize Computer from the menu bar. Enter your iTunes Store account and password, and then click Authorize.
Sync your applications and content from iTunes to the device.

If it works for you, a cup of coffee would be most appreciated.

paypal rothwell66@googlemail.com

A Cup of coffee to copy/paste an URL? :p

simply updated an App – worked. couple of the other methods didn’t do it. All happened after first sync with i-tunes.
cheers everyone

it worked!! thanks!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
IT’s Really Fucking work…..


Hello…good day! my iPhone applications seems not working..because when I run the application..the message appear that please install the java game..I don’t know what to do…I did a research already but still no answers..please help me sir..

pls help. all my apps didn’t work. I updated my os to ios4 then after unlocking it (iphone3G) and syncing my apps all of it didn’t work.

im having same problem. stupid ios4.

wow thanks it works.

I found out the easiest trick in the.. Notes??
Just go to iTunes, make sure your phone is plugged in, and just re-download all of your apps.

I wouldn’t call myself ‘techie” to say the least, but I love my iphone 3G. I got it when I returned to the US just a few months ago. My grown kids told me “this is the phone for you, Mom.” I use just about everything on it, plus a few downloaded aps. It’s a great phone. However, about a week ago the aps simply stopped working. Thanks to your information, I now have ‘fixed’ the problem and am thinking, “well maybe I’m not so far from being a “techie” after all! I appreciate your help…thanks a lot.

Hooray! The hard reset thing really worked. The facebook ap and most of my games didn’t work and now they do. Thanks.

I’ve tried both reinstalling the apps and updating them unsuccessfully. The same happened with the hard reset. What worked for me as well as for a friend of mine with the same issue, was the deauthorise/ authorise procedure. Simply, connect your iPhone to your computer, go to menu bar,click on Store->Deauthorise and then Authorise. It seems that the issue was caused when I synced my iPhone 3g with another computer.

Thank you so much for the help I didnt know what to do. 
Posted from my working phone

That ‘s amazing, it actually worked!!! Deleting one app and redownloading it made all the other apps work just fine! Thanks a million

to where can i send you the cup of coffee?

amazing solution!!!

thanks for much for the app download solution, for anyone who has tried the hard reset (home button + off button till apple logo appears) this solution really does work!
thanks for your great advice!

the hard reset and the redownloading of apps doesnt work for me
any other solutions?????

Thank you very much re-downloading worked, so pleased to find your site

dude u rock man~! keep rocking XD

Dude this shit don’t work get a life loser

hi im going to app store downloading an app but its not saving to my phone ???????????

updating app really works for me.thanks for the solutions

Installing new app works for me too. But i am made to do this daily. Any other option to fix this issue or do i need to return the phone?

Deleting the app worked for me.


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Thnx man it worked

thank u man u saved me thank u hard reset worked like a charm……ur a gem thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thank you, my one of game app was not responding. i tried this tip and tips here http://appletoolbox.com/2012/03/app-not-working-how-to-troubleshoot-your-app-purchased-from-the-app-store/

i resolved myissue thank you again

create your own iphone programs with no experience or codings

Thank you. Worked immediately

My APPS is stuck on loading screen 😦 what to do? i tried all things.. i restart it with the off button and menu ?? what to do?

Both tricks work, thanks, but every time i synchronise all the non-apple apps stop working again

I think that this problem occurs when one deleted some app. I personally solve it by installing a new (one other free) application.
hope that it helps

Life saver!… hard reset did not work. Deleted one application and downloaded again the same application! everything is in place and working fine. TX.

I wish I read this post first so I dont have to reset all the settings (as per other’s suggestion). Excellent mate! Problem solved.


when updating my app is when it stopped working. dont know what to do

thx a lott dudee it worked rlly gd! HARD RESET and replacing the app!

thank you i just turned off the phone turned it back on and it down loads now thank you again

I’m not sure why but this weblog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the
problem still exists.

:* :* :* :* :* :* :*……..working………thanka replacinnnn..!

You are a friggin genius!! Been a little upset all day because my app store was not responding. FB didn’t load….etc. I did the 2 button reset and it worked like a charm!! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

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[…] iPhone Apps Not Working! | iPhone Tip a Day – 2008-08-17 · 3 | Nathan Lynch November 28, 2008 at 11:27 pm. How to fix apps not working on iphone 3g: here is what I did to fix it: I went to app store on my iphone …… […]

[…] iPhone Apps Not Working! | iPhone Tip a Day – 2008-08-17 · 3 | Nathan Lynch November 28, 2008 at 11:27 pm. How to fix apps not working on iphone 3g: here is what I did to fix it: I went to app store on my iphone …… […]

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