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Dropped iPhone

Posted on: September 1, 2008

Yes, I know, I finally dropped my iPhone on my driveway – ouch…
Overall I do not care about the scratches but this time I got a small dent on the black back. Nothing too noticeable but I will be taking extra precaution never to drop it again.

One thing I still will not do is get a case for my iPhone. I’m a strong believer that any case adulterates the original pureness of the iPhone.


2 Responses to "Dropped iPhone"

I bought a case the day I bought my 3G. I’m not that happy with it though – it muffles alert sounds too much – so much so that you often miss them.

! – didn’t even think that would be a problem with the case. The invisible shield seems really cool though, and I’m sure the muffled sound would not be a problem with that kind of case.

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