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iPhone Slow as H3ll

Posted on: September 4, 2008

So I jailbroke my iPhone and installed many 3rd party apps and many app store apps. My iPhone is incredibly slow but it was slow before the app store apps. It freezes a lot!
Is anyone else experiencing these problems? I’d like to hope I’m not alone…

Important: Anyone know how to restore original iPhone (like pre-jailbreak)…I didn’t make a backup besides backup made by PwnageTool (which when used actually still was jailbroken…)


5 Responses to "iPhone Slow as H3ll"

I found that the application Dock really slows down the iphone, I was having the problem until I uninstalled it.

Hi Jeff, My iPhone is slow at times. Which application dock are you referring to?

koldfyre, what did you finally do re the slowed down iphone? Did you restore, keep it jailbroken with a fix or something else? I’m getting a replacement 3gS tomorrow and having an ongoing debate whether to jailbreak. Also, is the restore process difficult to do if I need to get it serviced?? Thanks for any help you can give!

I think Jeff is talking about a third-party app that you can only get by jailbreaking.

I didn’t really do anything about it being so slow. Restoring is incredibly simple, though. Just click the “Restore” button in iTunes and it will overwrite the jailbroken part.

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