iPhone Tip a Day

iPhone: Dust under the Screen

Posted on: September 27, 2008

I just noticed that I had dust under my screen! Ewww… How could an Apple product have such a disgusting defect as this?
My old Motorola RAZR V3 had this same problem but I never expected my iPhone to have this kind of a problem. Rest assured I will be visiting the Apple Store soon to get this replaced. I have also read online that they will replace your phone for this problem (and they should!). Thanks to that, I can also get a new iPhone with a good home button because I have this home button that is recessed below the surface so it feels uncomfortable and is hard to press at times.

I went to the Apple Store a few weeks back, and … they gave me a refurbished -_-”
Palo Alto Apple Store (University Avenue) is not the place to go to get your iPhone replaced. Refurbished isn’t bad unless the problem is actually recurrent in a whole generation of iPhones. Then, you really don’t want to get a refurbished because it means you could have the same problem again.
Also, here’s an important tip when you get a refurbished: REINSTALL the iPhone software or else the battery status checker built into the iPhone will not be as accurate and your battery life will seem to be short.


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