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Voice Memos: Complete Coverage

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Complete thorough look at Apple’s “Voice Memos” app available with the iPhone 3.0 OS update.

the Icon:
the Icon

the App:
voice memos app

Click on the silver button with 3 black horiz. bars to FLIP.

to this Screen:
alt screen

“Speaker” = play (loud) out on the iPhone’s speakers
“Share” = email
“Blue arrow button” (not the play button) = Individual Memo Screen.

the Share:
the Share

the Email:
the Email

the Individual Memo Screen:
the Individual Memo Screen

the Labels (sorry it’s cutoff – at least you can see what to press to get to Labels):
the Labels

Click “Trim Memo” on the Individual Memo Screen to … trim!

Drag the edges to “trim” and press the play button (arrow button) often to say what you cut:

Hope that helped *someone* out there.


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