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Newly downloaded apps that I love. s2

Presenting Weave, Craigslist, Path, Grid Lens.



Random picture!

Anyway –
I have an app idea. Definitely should be free (maybe ads cause I don’t mind ads but ads bring in money to poor computer programmers / developers – OK, so maybe my views are biased as a computer programmer / developer myself).

Stickies App (I will be reviewing this soon) got me thinking about this. When iPhone gets locked I want a screenshot one second before it locks to be what I see if I am about to unlock my iPhone.

That’s it.


If you have jailbroken your iPhone, I suggest getting “Stacks” from Cydia (shown above).

If you have 4 or less applications in the “Stacks folder”, then you get the [curved] Fan view that was introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

When you ‘add apps” to the stacks folder, what you’re actually doing is just creating a shortcut, so you still have the original app on one of the Read the rest of this entry »

This is a review of one of the most useful apps for iPhone. Included in this title is that this app is well programmed and designed.
This app is one of the few apps that actually take advantageous the landscape/portrait view transition. Rotate this app and the screen will follow you any which way (including upsides down).
What this Air Sharing App does is allow you to put documents (doc, rtf, PDF, Apple Pages files, etc) on your iPhone and then allow you to view it on-the-go.
One notable feature is the auto-saved positioning of where you have read up to. So if you have read up to the 30th page of some document, you don’t have to scroll all the way down there.

Get the free InstaPaper app to read websites on the go. You create a bookmarklet (javascript bookmark), which is really easy to do, and then whenever you find a website you want to save for later, just use the bookmarklet to save the page.

Useful for blog, websites, reviews, etc. that you want to save for later when you might not have internet access.

By the way, after saving the pages with the bookmarklet, don’t forget to open up the app and click update to get all the webpages that you saved… You’ll see what I mean.

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