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In order to jailbreak my iPhone, the only thing I had been using was PwnageTool but I just found out (pretty late on the iPhone news I guess) about BlackRa1n on Mac. It’s so simple.

1. Connect Your iPhone
2. Open Up BlackRa1n
3. Click “Jail Break”
4. Wait

~ click the Windows icon or Apple icon to download blackra1n. it works beautifully on my iPhone 3G.


Online Apple Store – http://store.apple.com/us/product/MA850?intcmp=AIC-WWW-NAUS-BUYNOW-FOOT-INEARHEADPHONE-080910

I really want these, but they’re too expensive, y’know?

If you look at the bottom of the page of the link above, you’ll see that it says that these earphones are compatible with iPod touch, iPod classic, and nano (for recording memo/mic functions). It doesn’t work on the iPhone????? I’d like to believe its cause there are free recording apps on there but that applys to iPod touches too so….

*** These comments from Engadgeters clarified things up nicely.

like any other normal day, I was adding music to my iPod when I copied some “The Script” music. After copying the music I realized that the album was spelled in a way that I did not like. So of course I “Command+I”-ed to edit the album title.
The next day I was listening to some music on my iPhone and there are 2 copies of every song from the script album! Is iPhone seriously creating copies because it thinks there are 2 different songs? Surely not! Alas, I cannot prove it for sure, but when I get home, you bet I’ll make sure iTunes/iPhone is not acting weird.

So I jailbroke my iPhone and installed many 3rd party apps and many app store apps. My iPhone is incredibly slow but it was slow before the app store apps. It freezes a lot!
Is anyone else experiencing these problems? I’d like to hope I’m not alone…

Important: Anyone know how to restore original iPhone (like pre-jailbreak)…I didn’t make a backup besides backup made by PwnageTool (which when used actually still was jailbroken…)

Yes, I know, I finally dropped my iPhone on my driveway – ouch…
Overall I do not care about the scratches but this time I got a small dent on the black back. Nothing too noticeable but I will be taking extra precaution never to drop it again.

One thing I still will not do is get a case for my iPhone. I’m a strong believer that any case adulterates the original pureness of the iPhone.

Sorry for the late post, everyone. I have been busy with school and my jailbroken iPhone 😀

So, here’s how the story goes – I had originally not planned to jailbreak my iPhone because I figured I’d get cool enough apps with the App Store. As it turns out, there is just so much you can do with a jailbroken iPhone that, after seeing my friend’s customized iPhone, I could not not jailbreak my iPhone!

I used the PwnTool which had been updated for use with iPhone 3G’s with the latest 2.0.2 firmware upgrade. Very nice! I will follow up but iPhone users should not have any problems upgrading. Of course, people need some guidance because it was hard for me to find a detailed process of how to jailbreak my iPhone.

There’s a “Tap Tap Revolution” going on as we speak! It’s free to join and you could win $50 apple gift cards. That money could go towards getting a Bluetooth headset.

I had my doubts about increasing competition for myself but I just couldn’t get over the fact – that I love you readers more than some $50 gift cards…

I wouldn’t have told you all if they were $100 gift cards 😉

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