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Complete thorough look at Apple’s “Voice Memos” app available with the iPhone 3.0 OS update.

the Icon:
the Icon

the App:
voice memos app

Click on the silver button with 3 black horiz. bars to FLIP.

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I recently began to start learning iPhone app development to make my own apps (and hopefuly make some money :).
I know how hard it is to step into new terrain so seeing as I’m somewhat a veteran in understanding how iPhone apps work, I decided to post up some resources that I used in order to start learning how to make my own iPhone Apps.

1. Get set up (downloading SDK) – this page includes good information about how to set up and when/why to sign up for the Developer’s Program


2. First start with cocoalab’s free BecomeAnXcoder eBook. Finish about 8 chapters/pages.


3. Move onto cocoadevcentral’s quick Objective-C tutorial until about step 10.


4. Now for Stanford’s online iPhone App Development course page. Finish Assignment1A and Assignment1B by downloading the Assignment1A.pdf and Assignment1B.pdf. When you get stuck (if you get stuck) please do not give up! Persevere and search the documentation (Help > Documentation, in Xcode) for what you’re looking for (by using general keywords).
Getting help for the course material is in the 2nd link.


2nd LINK!

5. Let’s do some actual iPhone Programming! YouTube Beep Tutorial that really helped. I would suggest making the same exact app by yourself right after watching the video.


6. YouTube Beep Tutorial #2.


7. Make a similar app to the Beep Tutorial Videos but this is good practice since Xcode and Interface Builder are different from other tools conceptually. Better video quality too, if I remember correctly.


8. I was totally surprised with this site because its design makes it look like a total scam website but its definitely legit. High quality videos that (unfortunately) have to be played in full screen mode. Buy an extra monitor, monitors are pretty cheap now – a very useful computer accessory IMO. Anyway, yeah, many videos and they’re good quality though I have seen the instructor make quite a big of mistakes :S


9. Work through some books.

Objective-C Book LINK!

iPhone SDK Book LINK!

10. Select a project to work on or continue to work with the Stanford CS193P Course. Videos (of the course) are available on iTunes U.

gl hf.

You’re typing on your iPhone and eventually you’re going to have to type in a number. Switching between he letters and numbers keyboards can be such a hassle.

Most favorite tip: when you’re going to enter in one number or other character, just press, hold, and drag your finger.

In case that wasn’t clear, press the numbers button to switch to the other keyboard with numbers and symbols, but don’t lift your finger after you press the button. Just wait (not even a second) for the other keyboard with numbers to show, and then drag your finger to your desired number of symbol.

When you take our finger off the numbers button, the keyboard will have switched to the standard qwerty keyboard.

When you are first taking pictures of yourself with the iPhone, it may seem very difficult to take pictures of yourself. I mean, there’s no physical button which makes it so hard to press it.

That’s how it seems to be…but…
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Today I was to move some files onto Air Sharing but there was no WIFI internet access… So I set up my iMac’s Computer-to-Computer network and then connected my iPhone to that network. This way I can mount Air Sharing as a drive on my Mac.
And I have an ethernet cable providing my iMac internet access but does the iPhone get internet? Hmm… interesting now that I think about it… Anyway, I thought it would not so I liked how the iPhone was connected to the WIFI but was using the 3G data connection.

I just noticed that I had dust under my screen! Ewww… How could an Apple product have such a disgusting defect as this?
My old Motorola RAZR V3 had this same problem but I never expected my iPhone to have this kind of a problem. Rest assured I will be visiting the Apple Store soon to get this replaced. I have also read online that they will replace your phone for this problem (and they should!). Thanks to that, I can also get a new iPhone with a good home button because I have this home button that is recessed below the surface so it feels uncomfortable and is hard to press at times.

I went to the Apple Store a few weeks back, and … they gave me a refurbished -_-”
Palo Alto Apple Store (University Avenue) is not the place to go to get your iPhone replaced. Refurbished isn’t bad unless the problem is actually recurrent in a whole generation of iPhones. Then, you really don’t want to get a refurbished because it means you could have the same problem again.
Also, here’s an important tip when you get a refurbished: REINSTALL the iPhone software or else the battery status checker built into the iPhone will not be as accurate and your battery life will seem to be short.

Http://pixelgirlpresents.com is a great place to get free iPhone wallpaper. They are all very creative and look very cool!

Sample pics coming up.

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