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So I jailbroke my iPhone and installed many 3rd party apps and many app store apps. My iPhone is incredibly slow but it was slow before the app store apps. It freezes a lot!
Is anyone else experiencing these problems? I’d like to hope I’m not alone…

Important: Anyone know how to restore original iPhone (like pre-jailbreak)…I didn’t make a backup besides backup made by PwnageTool (which when used actually still was jailbroken…)


Sorry for the late post, everyone. I have been busy with school and my jailbroken iPhone 😀

So, here’s how the story goes – I had originally not planned to jailbreak my iPhone because I figured I’d get cool enough apps with the App Store. As it turns out, there is just so much you can do with a jailbroken iPhone that, after seeing my friend’s customized iPhone, I could not not jailbreak my iPhone!

I used the PwnTool which had been updated for use with iPhone 3G’s with the latest 2.0.2 firmware upgrade. Very nice! I will follow up but iPhone users should not have any problems upgrading. Of course, people need some guidance because it was hard for me to find a detailed process of how to jailbreak my iPhone.

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